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Candidate Bio

Billy Hibbitts
Candidate for US House of Representatives for Kentucky’s 5th District

A lifelong Kentucky resident, Billy has seen firsthand the struggles faced by the people of Congressional District 5. After completing a B.A. in Theatre Arts from EKU, he struggled to find gainful employment and was advised to leave the area to seek better opportunities. Coming from a large family who taught him to appreciate the natural beauty of this rural area and its customs, he decided to stay and has since worked with many non profit groups to bring art, music, and theatre to this region.


Bill later returned to college and gained a B.S. in Business Administration from Union College.  Like many, he avoided politics, lamenting the divisiveness and negativity until it became unbearable. Having been trained in debate and public speaking, he knew that someone had to stand up and demand better of our leadership. He recognized that politics had devolved into a popularity contest, full “yes men” and “people pleasers” and those are not the kind of individuals who will stand up and demand change.


Billy’s questioning of the status quo has cost him many friends and family who cannot understand why he refuses to support the prevailing political orthodoxy. He remains committed to providing the voters of Kentucky an independent voice and a progressive choice. The 30% of Kentuckians in this district, who live in some of the most extreme poverty of the nation, deserve better.

Guiding Principles

  • Questioning authority is not the same as disrespecting authority
  • Support a “Back to Basics” approach to government
  • Always reexamine beliefs in the light of new evidence
  • Entire groups should not be judged by their worst actor, nor individuals by their biggest mistake
  • “That’s just the way we’ve always done it” is not a good reason and can be dangerous
  • Support for Equality of Opportunity
  • Return to citizen led government rather than political and celebrity class
  • We need leaders and solutions, not grandstanding
  • Fiscal reality check / Balanced budgets
  • Fix funding problems for Social Security, Medicare and the VA
  • Support state-focused solutions (Outside-in structure rather than centralized solutions)
  • Government friendly to business – not owned and operated by it
  • The Arts are fundamental to learning
  • Support immigration reform
  • Support for mental health/wellness initiatives
  • Support for jobs and training in Appalachia
  • True transparency
  • End dark money P.A.C.’s
  • End lobbying
  • Enact term limits on House and Senate
  • End War on Terror, Drone strikes, Interventionism
  • Dissolve Dept of Homeland Security
  • Eliminate Patriot Act & its escalations
  • Eliminate government waste
  • Return to civility
  • End “my way or the highway” politics
  • Ideas are important and worth discussing
  • Support criminal justice & sentencing reform
  • Decriminalize hemp and marijuana
  • Pro vaccines but don’t support government punishing those who choose otherwise
  • Pro public schools but open to the idea of vouchers especially in areas of demonstrated need
  • Teachers should be better paid and have retirement plans
  • Abortion is abhorrent but must remain safe and legal
  • End gotcha politics/false dichotomies/bumper sticker politics
  • Diversity is our strength
  • Peaceful protest is free speech even if we don’t like the message
  • End poverty wherever it resides
  • Pro 2nd amendment, examine why current gun laws are failing us
  • Conservation of natural resources benefits us all
  • Relationships between two consenting adults should be viewed the same by government regardless of sex
  • Retirement & insurance too closely tied to employment, should be portable & individual
  • Reform business regulations
  • Simplify the tax code
  • College is too expensive, a generation is being crippled by debt
  • Stop politics of fear & vilification
  • Poverty is the only thing truly color blind
  • Don’t care who’s at fault for our financial mess – we need to find solutions (Except who borrowed from Social Sec without paying it back)
  • Our fellow Americans are not the enemy
  • We should stop looking for enemies and find commonality abroad
  • We must keep our promises to our seniors and veterans
  • Children are our greatest natural resource, they must be nurtured, educated, and protected at all costs
  • End the Congressional “sexual assault fund”