What Is Brand New Congress and What Do They Do?

Brand New Congress launched in April 2016 with a big vision: to replace the vast majority of Congress in a midterm election wave fueled by people sick of being left behind by an economy that works only for the very few. BNC candidates are community leaders with a clear record of integrity and service, who refuse corporate PAC money, and are committed to working outside party lines to fight for the progressive policies Americans want. When a Brand New Congress candidate lands in Washington, their loyalty will be to the people who sent them there—and never to moneyed interests.

Brand New Congress candidates are nominated by people in their local communities. Each has a proven track record of integrity. BNCers are teachers, veterans, nurses and scientists. They are everyday Americans working to serve everyday Americans, not the corporate, wealthy elite.


BNC organizers are dedicated to achieving a post-partisan government that works for all of us. Our staff and volunteers come from various backgrounds, many are women and people of color. Nearly all are volunteers.


Learn more about Brand New Congress at https://brandnewcongress.org/.