What Prompted You To Run For Office?

I’m a member of the Episcopal Church, an activist church that sees the Gospel of Christ as a call to get involved in the struggle for social justice as Christ’s ministry was to the poor, sick, and marginalized. I was at a diocesan formation event focused on racial reconciliation at Emmanuel Winchester in Feb. 2018.


Dr. Allan Boseak spoke about the failures of South Africa’s Truth and Justice Commission after the fall of Apartheid. After his discussion, there was a question and answer portion and someone asked how Christians were supposed to affect politics given that we’re supposed to be a nation that respects separation of Church and State.


He responded that good people simply had to get involved, there was no other way around it. He acknowledged that it wouldn’t be easy as character assassination has become the dominant form of political discussion. Anyone who throws their hat into the political arena is bound to have dirt slung at them. He admonished us not to be daunted because it’s of the utmost importance that true leaders arise despite the odds.


Six months later, I was trying to make an important decision on an unrelated matter. I was trying to listen to what I felt like God was telling me to do and my mind kept returning to Dr. Boseak’s call to get involved. I reached out to my contacts at Brand New Congress to see if I could get involved supporting another candidate. When I found out they’d had trouble fielding any candidates to challenge our millionaire, 38 year incumbent congressman, I knew this was my call.